Friday, 29 August 2014

Adventures of Superman

Adventures of Superman

Adventures of Superman #16 (DC)

Joe Keatinge (w) Various (a)

Adventures of Superman is one of DC comics "digital first" line which means these stories are available for purchase on line well before they are published in print form. An interesting experiment in the modern age, but not one that appeals to me as a wee bit of an old fashioned collector.

The other problem is the stories are "out of continuity" and do not fit in the current "canon" of events in the new DC Universe.

However this particular edition caught my attention because the solicitation mentioned the appearance of Kamandi, one of the late Jack Kirby's creations for DC after he left Marvel Comics in the early seventies.

Kamandi who appeared in some 59 issues was presented as the "last boy on Earth" in a series inspired by Planet of the Apes, but different enough to not be a direct rip off. I am a fan of the character and that alone was enough to persuade me to order a copy.

Although the story was not quite what I expected (and I'm not sure what I was expecting), this issue was a very good exposition of the legend of Superman through the eyes of an elderly Kamandi which starts with Supes first appearance in 1939 and finishes at the end (literally) of the universe.

Add a mystery that even Mr Mxyzptlk cannot help solve, there's a great story here.

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