Sunday, 28 September 2014

Booster Gold and Doomsday

Booster Gold One Shot (DC Comics)

Dan Jurgens (w) Various (a)

The Futures End story line continues through a series of "one shots" bringing us to a one off issue of Booster Gold. Set five years in the future like the rest of the story this one really gets confusing. Booster is being thrown around in time (or so it seems) and is seemingly being tortured by an unknown foe throughout the issue.

Thrown in a visits to Gotham City in the 19th Century and  Kamandi's World (think Planet of the Apes but with other animals) plus an obvious parallel world or two and you get a quite fast moving adventure. Exactly why do there end up being two Booster Golds plus a possible return to the pre-New 52 universe (?) and you get one of the best single issues in the Futures End series this month.

Highly recommended.

Superman: Doomed #2 (DC Comics)

Greg Pak & Charles Soule (w) Various (a)

The conclusion of the best Superman story in ears takes place in this "bookend" issue of Superman:Doomed. For months we've been following the struggle of Superman to fight off the "Doomsday" virus following his defeat of the creature itself. Everyone's involved in this adventure.

Lois Lane, Lana Lang, Lex Luthor, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, the Justice League, they are all here as the villain (Braniac) is finally revealed. And there's a further surprise with that revelation. No spoiler.

But a connection to Futures End is finally made, where the threat to earth comes from not just Brother Eye.

Hopefully this story which crossed over between several titles will be collected soon in Trade Paperback so you can read the whole adventure if you haven't been keeping up!

It's about time Superman returned to greatness. He was the first and the best in my humble opinion. I started following his adventures sometime in the mid-sixties. Wish I'd kept those issues, but most can be tracked down in comic shops!

Highly recommended.

And watch out for "Aftermath" next month!

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