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Earth 2: Worlds End

Earth 2: Worlds End (DC Comics)

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Out there in the multiverse are 52 versions of Earth according to the new DC mythos. Earth 2 is the one most focused on in the regular titles that DC publishes with Earth 2 being a lead title. This version of Earth is not so different to the main DC Earth in that there versions of regular characters and places that readers will be familiar with.

Except they have fought a war against Darkseid and despite "winning", this required the sacrifice of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman all of whom died in the final battle. Seemingly so did Power Girl (Supergirl) and The Huntress (daughter of Batman and Catwoman), except they ended up on Earth 1, even getting their own title, Worlds Finest.

Other heroes rise as do other villains, mainly in the form of Darkseids son, Steppenwolf and another battle ensues in which he is killed. That is far from the end as Darkseids armies come back.

The first, over sized issue (at the regular price!) really does kick off the weekly adventure that will see a battle royal take place in this and the monthly Earth 2 title.

Lois Lane is "dead", but resurrected in the form of the Red Tornado, another Kryptonian takes the place of Superman and Power Girl and the Huntress return to their earth just in time for what seems like the final battle.

There's another Batman too. Thomas Wayne (Bruce's father) and Helena (the Huntress) is not impressed. You'll need to pick up Earth 2 #27 to get more on that.

Meanwhile for no apparent reason John Constantine suddenly turns up on Earth 2 and there's another one of him we find out, though they have yet to meet as our mage fights for his life in this tie in to the main story.

Finally the Worlds Finest title changes from a Power Girl/ Huntress team up title to Superman/Batman one, but these of course are the Earth 2 versions and we are treated to what is simply referred to as The Secret History of Earth 2.

An exiting adventure where anything can happen. Is the future as we have seen in Futures End? Or can history be changed?

Highly recommended.

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