Thursday, 2 October 2014

Spragg! Conqueror of the Human Race!

Photo: In US - Marvel: A shimmer of Silver Age material, mostly in very affordable mid-grade, graces our stock this week: Amazing Adult Fantasy, Avengers, Daredevil, Fantastic Four (from #28's crossover with the X-Men), Journey Into Mystery #68 (starring Spragg - a Big-Panty-Monster too big for Big Panties!), Spider-Man from #53 upwards, a squirt of Sub-Mariner and X-Men from #9 (the very first Avengers/X-Men clash!)

Journey Into Mystery #68 (Atlas) 

Various (w) & (a)

When I saw the title of this comic advertised in my local comic shops newsletter I was intrigued. After a quick google and an e-mail later the item, Journey Into Mystery #68 was mine and since today is "comics day" is now in my hands.

This comic was published in 1961 by Atlas, the predecessor to Marvel Comics. The artwork is signed by Jack Kirby who was already developing his distinctive style, but no writers are credited for this (may have been Stan "the man" Lee) or the other two stories contained in this issue..

The lead feature Spragg! Conqueror of the Human Race is pretty standard science fiction/monster fare, though the thought of a "living hill" did amuse me somewhat.  The character and our hero Professor "Bob" (we are not told his surname) slug it our in Transylvania (of all places) until Spragg is blasted into outer space.

The story was reprinted in Creatures on the Loose #15.

Spragg re-appears as a foe of the wonderful She Hulk in issues 31 to 33 of her 1990's title The Sensational She Hulk. These are now on my list of "must haves".

Yeah, not quite the cover I was expecting either.

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