Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Return of the British Annual

The Best of Topper Annual CoverBest of Beezer Annual

With Christmas approaching I just happened to linger by the "Annuals" display in Sainsburys and what a find I made! British Comics annuals!

Long departed favourites are back on the shelves! 

I purchased the Battle Annual, cover price £7.99 but for a knock down price of £3.99 for 70 pages of reprinted adventures from the heyday of Battle! Published by Titan.

I couldn't find an illustration (or any info at Titans various websites) but a search revealed that there are other titles around. The Topper, Beezer and Hotspur are also available so I'll be keeping a lookout for these!

Did someone mention Whizzer and Chips?

Also for the ladies is this and the Best of Bunty. So nostalgia all round this Christmas!

Best of 70s Girls Comics Annual

Go out and buy now! Time to revive a tradition nearly lost.

Or you could give 'em to yer kids..when you've finished reading them that is!

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