Saturday, 13 December 2014

Savage Dragon reaches 200th issue!

Savage Dragon #200 (Image Comics)

Eric Larsen (w) Eric Larsen & Various (a)

Savage Dragon is one of Image Comics longest lasting series and is only the second to reach number 200, the other being Spawn which will soon publish it's 250th edition.

I'm not a regular reader of the Dragon and the last story line I followed was when multi character crossover way back in 2012 and that was mainly due to me being a "completest" when it comes to Invincible.

This story line which went over three issues also starred Witchblade, Spawn and a whole host of other Image heroes. However I digress.

A lot has happened since I read the last issue. The original Savage Dragon is not only in prison, but on death row. His son has become the new Dragon and this issue starts off with his journey into adulthood having his girlfriend move in and his non-related "step-sister" having a threesome.

Not your average kids comic obviously.

While all this debauchery is going on Dad is broken out of prison by a bunch of villains and held hostage.

So the action begins as son and daughter come to the rescue.

Eric Larsen's art doesn't appeal to everyone, but I'm a fan and despite the opening adult themes does give the feel of a comic that can be read and enjoyed without taking itself too seriously.

Perhaps that is the reason for the longevity of Savage Dragon despite low sales.

Worth picking up, and perhaps catching up with via the collected story lines in the trade paperbacks.

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