Monday, 25 May 2015

New releases: Superboy & The Legion, Trees and Archie vs Predator?

Convergence: Superboy & The Legion of Superheroes #2

Stuart Moore (w) Peter Gross & Mark Farmer (a)

One of the more interesting of the Convergence two-part tie ins is the final apart of the Legion story. A future Metropolis is freed from the dome to face the wrath of the Atomic Knights? Seriously two quite divergent future incarnations of the DC Universe from the past meet in the future. well outside time and space to be accurate, but you get the drift.

Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes are an important component of DC Comics history, once a top-selling series that is currently on hiatus due to low sales. However the Legion has a fan base who will probably "knit-pick" about continuity but then like most readers I prefer a good tale rather than trying to align either the Legion or any other character to DC's publishing history which is now over 75 years since Superman appeared.


The Atomic Knights who ride giant dalmatians wearing  medieval armour may not be familiar to a lot of modern or certainly casual readers. They originally ran in Strange Adventures between 1960 and 1964 first appearing in issue #117. A hardcover collection of their adventures was published in 2010 if you can find a copy. Highly recommended for fans of the DC "silver age".

As for this story. Far too short for all the different heroes appearing here, but very worthwhile picking up!

Trees #9 (Image Comics)

Warren Ellis (w) Jason Howard (a)

The second volume of Warren Ellis's epic science fiction adventure returns this month. The "Trees" as mankind call them appeared on the Earth 11 years ago. Obviously alien in origin they have just been sitting there all this time and life has gone on. Whole communities have developed underneath some of them and fighting took place around the smallest of these objects in Somalia.

Things are changing. The black flowers have appeared in one polar region and they are far from benign. Now the Home Office calls on the lone survivor of the expedition to go to the Orkney's to observe the only "Tree" in the British Isles.

To end this particular issue we flash back 11 years to see the arrival of the New York "Tree" and the destruction it caused. The US military were also watching.....

The back story from the first 12 issues is available as a trade paperback.

Trees Vol #1. Highly recommended.

Archie Vs Predator #2 (Dark Horse Comics)

Alex de Campi (w) Fernando  Riz (a)

Returning from their holiday the Riverdale gang sit down in Pops Dine for cake. Betty frets about the cost of the dress she borrowed and then ruined from Cheryl only to hear that her petty enemy was somewhat dead.  Cue the head being blown off Pops himself the action starts again.

Not that this puts Jughead off his cake.

There's a threat in town and Betty blames herself for raising a curse in the jungle Temple she discovered.

Betty and Veronica set off the see resident witch Sabrina to get the curse lifted.

Another cue. Sabrina gets killed and her head and spine are taken by an ugly looking predator.

The twist? Aw you must have guessed. This is a teenage predator.

And the killing continues.

Two issues left. How many of the gang will survive?

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