Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The New DC: Midnighter #1

Midnighter #1 (DC Comics)

Steve Orlando (w) ACO (a)

DC hits the ground running with this solo tale of the Midnighter (from the Stormwatch team). This is the company's premier gay superhero though psychopath is also a useful word in his case. He's already fought the battle with his enemies a million times in his head before they even  move.

So what happens when a guy's on a date and terrorists butt in on your meal.

Not a pretty sight..

And then there's the Gardener up in space. Someones nicked all the super weapons he's been hording.

Who you gonna call?

Midnighter of course.

And the price for his help? The secret history of Lucas Trent (the Midnighter) is amongst those items stolen. The adventure begins and its going to be a very rough ride for all involved!

Highly recommended. But not for bigots!

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