Thursday, 11 June 2015

The New DC: The Omega Men #1

The Omega Men #1 (DC Comics)

Tom King (w) Barnaby Bagenda (a)

The Omega Men return in a new on-going series, and guess what? Everyone's after them again. The perennial outcasts are being hunted the murder of the White Lantern, Kyle Rayner. But all it turns out is not as it seems.

The story opens with the Citadel looking for the Omega Men on the Planet Ocyptu in the Vega system. Banging on the door of a local monastery the unfortunate monk gets shot as soon as he opens the door. These men are serious shooting several people until they are told where their prey is hiding.

Down in the cellar, where Tigorr lurks is not actually a place you'd want to go as the Citadels forces soon find out.

Exactly where this story is going remains a mystery but one thing is for certain.

The Omega Men are innocent.

Aren't they always.....

Rated Teen Plus for graphic violence by the way. 

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