Saturday, 20 June 2015

The New DC: Prez

Prez #1 (DC Comics)

Mark Russell (w) Ben Caldwell (a)

One of the most surprising additions to the post Convergence DC line is the revival of Prez, the story of America's first teenage President. A title originally conceived and published in the seventies for just 4 issues, this time "Prez" is a girl!

A satire of American politics that has both it's light and dark moments this series looks like it might be a blast even if (like in Family Guy) some of the references are unfamiliar to us in old blighty. 

"Corndog Girl" becomes a "write in candidate" and starts on her road to victory, but the secret coterie of businessmen that run the USA meet in secret to see how they should respond to this new threat to their hegemony.

DC are to be congratulated for taking a risk when such "non spandex" titles rarely find an audience in the big two publishers efforts.

Nevertheless with an almost "Disney like" approach the comic will hopefully find an audience.

Here's some sample pages.

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