Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The New DC: Starfire #1


Starfire #1 (DC Comics)

Amanda Connor & Jimmy Palmiotti (w) Emanuela Lupachino (a)

A beautiful alien woman stranded on Earth. What do you do? Where do you go? And of course what do you wear? Such basic questions are not as simple as you might think.

Did I mention our Princes is a bright shade of orange? Long time DC fans will know this but just in case you're picking up her adventures for the first time, Koriand'r is descended from a cat like race on the plane Tamaran?

Find that hard to believe? We are descended from apes remember.

So back the world where we set aside disbelief and get on with the adventure.


As a teenager who has had a life spent in captivity and high adventure Starfire as she calls herself seems a wee bit naive about life, but lands on her feet by trading in a couple of stones she had with her for "three big ones" at the local jewellers. Off she goes to live in a trailer and gets help in choosing her clothes from Ms Gomez and a quite obviously gay shop assistant.

"Why would you ever cover legs like that" muses Javi, "And the colour of her skin is to die for"

Quite, even though this is fiction of course. I do remember that..most of the time.

The first issue has a comedic feel as the alien and her neighbours settle down together.

Then the storm breaks out.....

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