Sunday, 27 September 2015

Action 21 #1 (1988)

Action 21 was a short lived title that was published for just 10 issues in 1988/89. A valiant attempt to relaunch what was in effect a sort of TV Century 21, this monthly comic had all the great features that made that Gerry Anderson orientated comic famous.

This contained all the favourites not just Stingray and Thunderbirds but also Fireball XL5, Captain Scarlett and Lady Penelope

Right down to treating the front page as a newspaper.

I have to say this completely passed me by when it came out and until I found one (just the one) in my local comic shop I'd not even heard of Action 21.

To be honest since there are so few issues it would probably be better to try and collect the more famous TV Century 21.


One for the "completists" I would guess.

And since it's Gerry Anderson there just has to be a video. So for fans both old and new here's my personal favourite: Fireball XL5 with a complete episode.

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