Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Comic Heroes Magazine returns

Comic Heroes - Print

There aren't that many comic magazines around these days with the advent of the Internet, let alone a British one but I'm pleased to report the high quality Comic Heroes magazine is back.

I have to say if wasn't for a piece on face Book about a British Graphic Novel I wouldn't even know mores the pity. A reflection of the sad decline of our hobby.

With high production standards and  covering a wide variety of tastes from Indie to the "big two" Marvel and DC this 144 page mag was well worth reading. For me the highlight was the interview with Dark Circle Editor Alex Sequra promoting their new revamped titles as well as celebrating their 75th anniversary!

Marvel fans eat your hearts out. Captain America wasn't the first star spangled hero, that honour went to MLJ publications creation The Shield! Published a full year before the better known Timely/Marvel Captain came on the scene.

And he's she's back...soon!

THE SHIELD #1 Cover by David Williams THE HANGMAN #1 Cover by Tim Bradstreet

Along with the Hangman and in 2016 The Web!

All owned by Archie Comics who are making major waves in the industry these days!

There's all the regular stuff about 25 cool heroes (in their opinion), the "new" or "rebooted Marvel Universe and reviews and because it's from a local creator (a Fulham lass apparently) here's Jessica Martins new graphic novel:

Pre-order Elsie Harris Picture Palace

You can pick up Comics Heroes (published quarterly) from WH Smith's and all good (large) news agents!

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  1. Comic Heroes magazine is back-good.It's been hard to find lately.It generally doesn't give only the American stuff,but british-often overlooked other previous comic publications.