Monday, 13 June 2016

Aquaman: Rebirth #1 (DC/One-Shot)

Aquaman: Rebirth #1 (DC)

Dan Abnett (w) Scot Eaton & Oscar Jiminez (a)

One of the good things that came out of the "New 52" relaunch a few years back was that Geoff Johns made Aquaman popular again. Not easy for a character that is seen widely as a bit of a joke since he "talks to fish", which as this issue points out is not true, fish simply do not have enough brain cells. Aquaman simply sends out basic commands.

The recent run of the title has proved a great read and this one-shot "Rebirth" issue shows that the comic has plenty more to offer the reader.

Atlantis now has an Embassy with the surface world and it's in danger from Atlantean xenophobes who are determined to isolate their world from those who live above the water.

But as always there is a twist.

These fanatics are being manipulated. By an outworlder in the form of Black Mantis a traditional villain that Aquaman has faced over the years who simply will not go away.

Given that three fifths of the Earth is actually under water, Aquaman has great potential as we've seen as he's faced other newly found threats such as The Trench in his recent run.

If you haven't read Aquaman in a while. please start here. You won't be disappointed.

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