Monday, 6 June 2016

Superman: Rebirth #1 (DC/One-shot)

Superman: Rebirth #1

Superman: Rebirth#1 (DC Comics)

Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason (w) Doug Mahnke (a)

Following last week's strong relaunch of DC Comics in the over-sized DC Universe: Rebirth, the first of the individual one-shot relaunches came out this week and where better to start with Superman.

Except Superman is dead, and (spoiler alert) and he's staying dead as we discover in this story which leads us into the new DC universe with the old Superman from the previous (pre-Flashpoint) world. Here he meets with the "New 52's" Lana Lang and heads for the dead Clark's Fortress of Solitude.

A sad but moving introduction to the new status-quo but there's lots to come as our Superman is married to Lois Lane and has a son with super-powers which will give birth to another new series Super-Sons later in the year as Jonathan Kent meets up with Batman's son Damien.

Also to come next week is the renumbered Action Comics with Lex Luthor trying to take the place of Kal-El and in two weeks Superman's own book returns with a new #1.

Also coming up are Superwoman (Lois Lane, but which one?), a Chinese Superman and Supergirl is also returning.

At last the DC universe is becoming interesting again.

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  1. "interesting again"...that yes, though got say a little confusing also. long-standing icons of the DC world should not need 're-introductions'...DC (and Marvel) have messed about so much that there is a 'need' (profit-inspired?) to sort-out some/most it...hence 're-birth'. I truely believe it 'make-or-break' on this one...comic-book readers/fans are probably quite tired of it all. least have Action Comics #1000 to look forward to; a great milestone that is.