Sunday, 14 August 2016

Adventures into the Unknown #1 (British Edition/Undated)

Before Alan Class came onto the scene there were a couple of other British publishers who reprinted and repackaged American comics for the British market. One of these was Thorpe and Porter who published Adventures into the Unknown based on the ACG title of the same name. Regretfully I could not locate a picture of the actual issue but with the addition of a British price tag and symbol the only difference to the above cover is the number.

The ACG original was cover dated September 1957 so was published a month before I was born. I picked up a copy of Thorpe and Porters reprint but like Alan Class these issues were not dated so exactly when it appeared in British newsagents is itself unknown. However this comic is issued under the "Strato" imprint which indicates an early sixties publication.

Like the Alan Class comics with which I am more familiar these were weighty tomes with some 68 black & white pages. This was an anthology of short mystery, tame horror and science fiction stories. The adverts promoted British Classics Illustrated editions plus Kid Colt (a Marvel reprint title as far as I am aware) and Biggles which was a prose title if I recall correctly.

All from a different era. Some of these stories went on to reappear in Alan Class's highly successful run of black & white reprints as he also managed to obtain the ACG licence. A pretty good read even now for the price, though 1/- as it was then became £8 for this "fair" condition copy.

Adventures Into The Unknown No.21960's? British Edition :

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