Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Strange Adventures: The Split Man & The Crazy Quilt Man (DC/1967)

Strange Adventures was one of the science fiction/mystery anthologies that were all the rage back in the day and sadly missed today. Published by DC this comic is probably most famous for introducing Deadman to the world, but these two preceding issues were great fun if not quite the kind of literature our teachers preferred us to read.

In Strange Adventures #203 we are treated to another tale of The Split Man, who had previously appeared in #166.  This is the story of Cliff Battles (yes it is as corny as it sounds...) who has gained the power to split himself in two after being given Zantec's golden belt by a grateful native. The only downside to this power is that he has to re-merge his body before sunset or he dies....

In this story Cliff uses his new found powers to thwart a group of "bandido's" attempting to steal a tablet which tells the whereabouts of a hidden treasure.

Next up in Strange Adventures #204 came The Crazy Quilt Man this time a one-off adventure about a dying scientist who forgets to set his life-prolonging machine on properly and turns himself into an inhuman monster.  I remember seeing this one advertised in the sixties but didn't get to read a copy until now.

The cover is a wee bit misleading as this is just one of three mystery science tales, not a feature in itself. However our scaly hero goes on to stop aliens invading the earth as one does.

Of equal amusement in this issue is the tale of the man who discovered the West Pole...... nah really.

Pick up copies if you find them, Strange Adventures is usually worth a read!

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