Sunday, 3 August 2014

Back Issue spotlight: Giant Size Defenders #5

Giant-Size Defenders Vol 1 5

Steve Gerber (& others) (w) Don Heck (a)

Like most comic fans every once in a while I treat myself to back issues of titles such as Giant-Size Defenders no 5 which I picked up on Thursday. What particularly attracted me to this issue was the crossover of the Defenders with the original incarnation of the Guardians of the Galaxy, who were it should be remembered from the future unlike the team most people will be getting to know through the current Marvel Comics based film doing the rounds now!

The Defenders were always a bit of a "non-team" though with an ever changing lineup. This particular issue sees Doctor Strange and the Hulk in a line up with the Valkyrie and Nighthawk. Like most Defenders stories the plot borders on the absurd with Doc Strange searching for a potential threat to the worlds survival (again) and a one-off villain that turned out to be a mutated eel that was just minding its own business until an alien artifact disturbed its undersea habitat.

Enter the time travelling Guardians and the team up in this extra long adventure (for the time that is, this was published in 1975) and the action begins.

There's also a nice little sub-plot with a twist involving a young boy who wants to be an day! The last panel gives you the reveal.

(Hey I'm not publishing too many spoilers!)

The comic also includes a reprint of Daredevil no 62 of whom I am not generally a fan but you do get to see the character Nighthawk in a rather different light and the art by Gene Colan is excellent.

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