Saturday, 16 February 2019

New Releases: Savage Sword of Conan, Wonder Twins, Hawkman & Superman

Savage Sword of Conan #1 (Marvel)

Gerry Duggan (w) Ron Garney (a)

The second of Marvel's revived Conan titles hit the stands this week with a pricey oversized issue which was a bit generic in tone for me. Conan is found in the sea, sole survivor of some battle and gets picked up by pirates to be sold as a slave revived and rebellious Conan begins a new adventure to face a new villain in a couple of weeks as there will be two issues this month.

Not as strong a start as the main Conan The Barbarian comic and annoyingly (for me anyway) not in a black & white magazine format like the original.

Disappointing start.

Rating: 2.5 Stars

Wonder Twins

Wonder Twins #1 (DC)

Mark Russell (w)Stephen Byrne (a)

The first of the "Wonder Comics" line from DC aimed at teenage readers but still quite fun for thos of us who remain teenagers into our erm.. sixties. The Wonder Twins are a pair of aliens brought to Earth by Superman and have been placed in a school and given a part time job at the JLA's Hall of Justice.

Of course these are not new characters simply re-imagined ones that originally appeared in the Super Friends cartoon and comic. Their powers?  The lad, Zan can turn into water and the girl  Janja can turn into animals. The learn to fit into human society and confront Mr Mxyptlk!

I actually thought this was a fun start to this six issue mini-series.

Rating: 4 Stars

Hawkman #9 (DC)

Robert Venditti (w) Bryan Hitch (a)

The latest retro-origin of Hawkman begins in this epic confrontation with Carter Hall's own past as a Deathbringer continues. Carter has gone to see Madam Xanadu when they arrive for revenge. Earth will be punished for harbouring this fugitive.

If you haven't read this yet do pick up the last three issues or wait for the Trade. This is an epic adventure with great writing and superb art. I can't fault it.

Rating: 5 Stars

Superman  #8 (DC)

Brian Michael Bendis (w) Ivan Reis & Brandon Peterson (a)

The saga of the return of Jon Kent continues but Superman isn't happy that Grandpa (Jor-El) has stolen so many years of Jon's growing up with him and decides to punch out Mogul half way through the story. Gosh Clark was angry!

I missed a chunk of DC whilst in hospital so I'm doing catch-up but if this issue is anything to go by then Superman hasn't been this good for years. I soon tired of the New 52 reboot and wait the outcome of the (as yet unread, will wait for collected edition) confrontation with Dr Manhattan to see how DC finally ends up.

Jon continues his tale and his problems with Grandpa and his meetings with Killowog and Aritisa from the Green Lantern Corps. The next issue looks a doozy so no spoiler from me..

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Friday, 15 February 2019

The Creeps #17 (Warrant Publishing) Out Now!


I posted about Vampirella yesterday and suggested that Dynamite and Warrant Publishing should team up to do an old fashioned black & white Vampirella special! After all that's how she started out first as a host and then as a major feature that has a fan base today! I have suggested this to Warrant on their FB page, so let's wait and see.

Meanwhile the latest issue of their now bi-monthly magazine has hit the stands! I ended up reading this in the hospital waiting room...

As usual the mag starts off with the old fashioned letters  page, a joy to see in this age of the internet. I'd like to see these return to mainstream comics. The Fantastic Four and Conan have them at least but DC where are yours?

Right full marks go to The Sorcerers Daughter that kicks off this comic with a great story by Nicola Cuti with art chores done by Tom Grindberg. A wicked wizard kidnaps a Kings Daughter to replace his wife. A group of knights set off on a quest. Will they succeed?

Next up is Jungle Ghouls! by Don Glut with art by Benito Gallego.  A hunter is saved from one cats dinner thinking he's in luck since his rescuer is a beautiful Caucasian blond but even though I guessed the outcome this didn't spoil my enjoyment. Dinners up guys!

Vampires in prohibition USA  in Blood Oath by Lou Mougin and art from Reno Maniquis comes next. Different!

The Revenge of Frankenstein from the pen of Nicola Cuti moody pencils from Santos Zaballos is my favourite story in this issue Nazi's and the undead a great mix with a little twist. Cackles....

The Last Spook Show from Don Glut with art by Nik Poliwko entertains and horrifies in one sweep. You sometimes do get the blood you ask for...

Second to None is a fairly run of the mill ghost story by Bob Fisher and great art by Mansyur Daman.

The last story after the ads just in case you forget to go past them was a nice little yarn about The Phantom Coach. Moral of the story never go for a walk in a blizzard...

Rating: 4 stars

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Vampirella Valentine's Day Special (Dynamite) Out Now!

Vampirella Valentines Day Special (Dynamite)

Happy Valentines Day: Leah Williams (w) Maria Sanapo (a)

Matinee: Michael Golden (w) & (a)

A horrific addition for Valentines day the special contains two stories. the first sees Vampy come to New Orleans at the invite of Madame Toussaint only to discover she has been tricked and faces a lamia who has been eating local kids whole, digested in her system alive. Thus begins an adventure with a companion who holds a secret and leads to a nice ending of sorts after the two battle it out across the night against evil.

Michael Golden's adventure set in a movie theatre sees a story worthy of the old Warren Comics originals. If only Dynamite could come to an arrangement with publishers of The Creeps for a crossover....

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Meanwhile here's a preview.

Happy Valentines day everyone.....

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

The Incredible Hulk Presents #1 (Marvel UK/1989)

The third and much shorter lived of the three weekly Hulk titles published by Marvel UK was released in October 1989. Blink and you'll have missed it since it sadly lasted just 12 issues.

Other than old Green-skin himself this comic features Action Force (nope never heard or read it before, assume some toy line), an excellent Doctor Who strip featuring the seventh Doctor and  Indiana Jones in The Last Crusade.

A rather eclectic mixture I thought. It didn't catch on though. Sign of the times or bad choice of mix? Guess we'll never know. This comic didn't make the end of the year it started in out.

Still my copy had the free gift attached. A Hulk Tattoo! No I'm not going to try it out!


Sunday, 10 February 2019

Josie and The Pussycats #101 (Archie/1980)

Josie and the Pussycats #101 (Archie)

Frankie Doyle (w) Various (a)

From the world of Archie comes the fairly long running Josie who better known with her band The Pussycats has been central to the Riverdale universe for a while. Obviously a comic marketed to the girls but hall Archie titles have their male fans. I was always on the fringes of these titles as they never seemed to get sold anywhere I went and only picked up a couple of copies in sixties.

This was from the eighties and I certainly wasn't picking up this stuff. It has a charm all of it's own. This is a !quick read" and a cartoon funny book. British humour comics like The Beano and Whizzer & Chips were anthology formats with no shared universe.... well not really.


The series ended with issue #106 though the girls appeared periodically in Archie's other titles. A new series not being relaunched until 2016 when the whole Archie comics line was given a modern makeover.

The girls had a cartoon in the seventies with "bubblegum pop" bit like the Archies....

and then there was a film in 2001 which I tracked down the music for and it's not bad at all actually!

I'm going to listen to more later. Not seen the film so ordered it from Amazon. Just £4! I'll give it a review when I've had a chance to watch it.

And finally here's the first issue simply called She's Rosie

Saturday, 9 February 2019

Super-Villain Team-Up (Marvel/1977)

Super-Villain Team Up (Marvel)

Bill Mantlo (w) Bob Hall (a)

Hardly a "team-up" title as the villains were usually trying to out do each other and the main characters who appeared across this short lived series were Monarchs of their won nations. Doctor Doom in Latveria,"somewhere" in Eastern Europe and the Sub-Mariner in Atlantis under the Atlantic ocean. This issue sees the continuation of a plot involving the Red Skull who simply wants to rule the planet. Who doesn't?

Trouble is Doom isn't happy about the Red Skull using a hypno-ray to enslave the Earth (especially since it appears to be his  technology and under the supervision of the Shroud who was sent as a  minder on the mission by Captain America.

Meanwhile on planet Earth Namor, the Sub-Mariner is being his usual arrogant self by refusing to help because Doom has promised to help the Atlanteans currently in some form of stasis. On the Moon Herr Skull and his minions prepare for battle but one who dares to query his masters capability exits the story in a predictable manner.

A battle takes place on the moonscape as both villains over-egg themselves with grandiose and self indulgent pronouncements at each turn of events. While this goes on the Shroud tries to disarm the space weapon and accidentally sets it off....

Captain America arrives on the scene in the nick of time to save the Shroud and Doom not only beats the Skull but pinches his henchmen as his enemy lies helpless on the ground. But all is not quite over as the blurb tells us Atlantis awakes with the help of Doom in the next issue.

An entertaining little series high-lighting the darker side of the seventies Marvel universe that lasted 17 issues and a couple of specials.


Friday, 8 February 2019

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