Tuesday, 7 November 2017

November Previews Picks

A little later than usual as I have yet to send in my own order for the latest issue of Previews but here we go with a few picks from the hundreds of comic available from January 2018.

As you can see from the cover Plastic Man is back along with Metamorpho (one of my favourites from the sixties but on the downside they are teamed up with Mr Terrific who I last saw stranded in an alternative universe where Darkseid destroyed Earth Two. They are looking for Tom Strong apparently. Not sure about this one. May give it a try, depends on how much else I go for.

There's not much else new from DC this month but with The Doomsday clock and the build up to Action Comics 1,000th issue due later next year plenty to keep me entertained. Nothing grabs me from the other big publishers either, Marvel included. Just the second issue of Marvel 2-In-One with The Thing & The Human Torch continuing their search for Reed & Sue the two missing members of the Fantastic Four will end up in my subscription box in January.

So what do the smaller publishers have to offer?


First up  is Abstract Studio's with a 12 issue mini-series returning to the long running Strangers in Paradise that established Terry Moore in the comics world. Francine & Katchoo are living the dream when a former Parker girl appears on the scene. Worth a go I think!


The third issue of the new volume of The Charlton Arrow is also out this month. A joy for all Charlton fans and I urge you all to support this project. Great stuff!


The second issue of the relaunched Mighty Crusaders hits the stands from Archie/Dark Circle. I have high hopes for this one as a fan of the old MLJ/Archie adventure superheoes. There's also a collection of classic horror stories in Chilling Adventures in Sorcery in a 192 page black & white edition!


Then there' Battlestar Galactica vs.....


We meet the last Cylon in a crossover by scribe Peter David. Ok I'm game for this one!

Last but far from least (and for some reason in the magazines section is the latest issue of The Creeps, the revival of Warren's horror tradition. Order your copy now! Buy, buy, buy! I'm a fan can you tell!


Sunday, 5 November 2017

Eerie #111 (Warren/1980)

I managed to pick up two #111's at the same time. Spooky? No Eerie! Another great addition to my slowly growing collection of Warren black & white magazine sized comics.  I tend to go for the earlier issues as Eerie published serials later on down the line but this edition turned out to be quite readable in it's own right.

Blood on Black Satin  by Doug Monech with art by Paul Gulacy is the first of five stories. Set in a small village in Middlesex Simon Whatley gets caught up in a demonic plot. The villagers are in a frenzy and evil is a broad.

Next up is Moto Psycho Cop by Charlton regular Nicola Cuti with art by John Garcia & Rudy Nebres. Crime fought in a fictional world that uses descendants of old classic screen heroes.

Samurai Messenger follows from the pen of Larry Hama with art by Val Mayerik and is standard Eerie fare as is the last chapter of MacTavish a science fiction tale from Jim Stenstrum & Moreno  Casares.

The final feature is the on-going adventures of Haztur, a barbarian who seems to survive through luck rather than anything else. Certainly the man is no Conan or Slaine. However that said Beware of Glahb is a solid story.


Saturday, 4 November 2017

Vampirella #111 (Warren/1983)

One of Warren's big three was almost at the end of its long run when this issue came out. Just two issues to go, though no one knew at the time. Promoted as a "Giant collectors edition" this continues the adventures of everyone's favorite fanged female.

The two-part Vampirella and the Curse of the Macdaemons gives yet another twist to the story of the Loch Ness monster. Not one of Vampi's greatest adventures but passable for a cold evening in front of the fire with a minor chill rising in the background.

Not sure about the presence of an ocean liner in the Loch, inhabited by the living dead but Vampirella loses another lover to the depths of evil.

Science fiction tale The Time Eater follows with a tale that spans creation and recreation. Best story of the issue in my opinion, closely followed by Fog written by Charlton stalwart Nicola Cuti with art by DC giants Carmine Infantino & Dick Gordiano.

The other two stories The Munificent: Ali Addan and SonThe French Coagulation are standard Warren horror fare but worth the price of entry.

Now if only Dynamite would publish Vampirella in this format........


Thursday, 2 November 2017

Steve Ditko at 90

Steve Ditko veteran comic book artist reached the grand age of 90 today and is still working on comic books. A very private man who has refused interviews and prefers to be recognised through his work is one of three biggest names in comic books along with Stan Lee and the late Jack Kirby.

Recognised as the co-creator of Spider-man along with Stan Lee, Ditko worked on many memorable characters such as Doctor Strange, the Creeper, Hawk & Dove plus many horror and science fiction stories with a huge body of work for Charlton comics which is worth tracking down.

As a child Ditko's version of Spider-man was and now remains the definitive one never matched by anyone else. Heavily influenced by Ayn Rand Ditko caused controversy in the mid-sixties when his hero The Question left the villain to die in the sewer. Justice was harsh.

Here's some covers to help celebrate this amazing man's contributions to the industry.


  Mysterious Suspense