Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Alan Class comics


From time to time I like to pick up a copy or two of the old Alan Class comics that were published from 1959 to 1989 over here in the UK. These were a full 68 pages for just one shilling when I were a lad and usually contained mostly horror and science fiction tales reprinted from various American comic companies.

The range was actually quite wide. Atlas/Marvel, Charlton and ACG. They also ran some superhero stuff and reprinted many early adventures of Marvel Superheroes plus the lesser known Archie, ACG and Tower Comics lines.

For someone who had missed the early editions of a number of Marvel titles these were a good way of catching up. However these comics varied in content from issue to issue and frankly it was pot luck what you got the next time you picked up a copy or two as these stories were not even printed in chronological order!

And of course they were never dated. This allowed unsold copies to be redistributed to different areas

Nevertheless they did have a certain appeal, especially if you were a fan of the short horror/sci-fi story that was all the rage back then.

They were of course in the usual British black & white format, but the Steve Ditko stories really stand out as a result showing what genius his artwork was!

Creepy Worlds # 96 is fairly typical of most issues. The lead story featured on the cover was very much inspired by Invasion of the Body Snatchers This contained a number of other short mystry tales including the rather amusing tale Dog Gone. about a man down on his luck which changes when he adopts a stray pooch. Not that his new wife is in on the secret. Big mistake.

Alan Class published quite a few titles over the years, but the six that managed long runs were Suspense, Sinister Tales, Creepy Worlds, Secrets of the Unknown, Uncanny Tales and Astounding Stories.

These comics are well worth picking up if you come across them. Thing is the original US editions containing these stories are both difficult to find and usually a bit pricey. so represent value for money if you want a piece of comic history in your hands!

A great addition to any collection and not too pricey!

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