Saturday, 7 February 2015

Superman gets a new power and more twists in latest issue!

Superman #38 cover

Superman #38 (DC Comics)

Geoff Johns (w) John Romita Jr (a)

Superman is an iconic comic character with a plethora of superpowers. He can fly, has super strength,invulnerability, heat vision, x-ray vision, microscopic vision, super-vision, super hearing, super breath.... (I think that's the lot off the top of me head). Enough one would think.

But no, in this issue to save the Earth he develops another.

The latest issue of Superman is the final part  of The Men of Tomorrow story line. And a major battle it is. Ulysses home world in the fourth dimension has been destroyed. Not on purpose mind, but Ulysses blames Superman and Clark's in for the "fight of his life", or more precise "our lives".

As Ulysses uses his energy powers to trigger an Earthquake, Superman fires his heat vision like never before....

Then we see his new power, which is splendidly rendered by John Romita Jr's pencils.

There's more to come though as Batman recovers Clark and takes him back to the Batcave.

image from Superman #38

Revelations about the effects will "shock" readers as Alfred attempts to "Iron & clean" Superman's Kryptonian outfit will amuse.

And to top off the issue Jimmy Olsen does something drastic and Clark kent reveals his secret identity but to who.

You'll have to read and find out in this seminal over-sized issue of the "New 52" Superman.

Already on sale on e-bay in the USA I understand! 

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