Sunday, 29 March 2015

Marvel Monsters: The Living Mummy

Supernatural Thrillers #10 (Marvel Comics)

Len Wein & Tony Isabella (w) Val Mayerick (a)

With the relaxation of the censorship surrounding the "Comics Code Authority", Marvel were able to launch a variety of horror themed comics. Supernatural Thrillers was a short lived series which featured The Living Mummy in issues 5 to 15.

The basic premise of the story as that some 3,000 years ago N'Kantu a warrior chief who resisted the Pharaoh Amen-Set was punished by being buried alive.In the seventies he came back to life for a number of adventures including at least one "team-up" (with The Thing).

Issue 10 sees N'Kantu walking across the desert contemplating his past. After all he muses to himself, he does not have much else to do. Meanwhile a group of "elementals" plot to gain control. But that appears to be for the next issue.

In this story he sees a female soldier being chased by a tank. He "rushes" or stumbles depending on your point of view to her rescue. Using his body as a shield against their bullets  (the crew have run out of shells) he allows her to throw a grenade which blows up the armoured vehicle.

We then discover she is an Israeli soldier fighting an undisclosed Arab country.

She thanks N'Kantu and wishes him peace as she returns to her people.

Meanwhile a sinister enemy heads to the earthly plane for the next issue.

An interesting little series that I didn't read the first time round. Worth trying out where you can find the back issues from 1974/5.


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