Sunday, 21 May 2017

World Reader #1 (Aftershock)

World Reader #1 (Aftershock)

Jeff Loveness (w) Juan Doe (a)

Aftershock are a new entrant to the comics field and are bringing out a range of titles including the excellent Animosity set in a world where all the animals develop intelligence. It's worth keeping an eye out for their other publications as this one World Reader is also worth picking up.

This review is a wee bit late as my copy arrived in a damaged shipment and had to be (along with a number of other titles) be replaced. No matter as it was worth the wait and issue #2 arrived at the same time.

This is the story of a spaceship discovering that mankind was once not alone, but every civilisation they come across is no more. Something is killing life and the resident psychic is not taken seriously by the captain so Sarah takes matters into her own hands. Talking to ghosts can be dangerous.

Who is the faded man? Will Earth face the same fate? And why?

Issues #1 & #2 are on sale now.


Saturday, 20 May 2017

2000AD and Tornado #129 (1979)

Whenever the words "great news inside" or a banner that says "together at last" appeared on the cover of comics it meant there was a merger and the latter named title had failed so the publishers were attempting to bring those readers to a another comic..

Thus we saw 2000AD absorb the short lived Tornado comic, which was actually a good comic but just didn't make the grade to survive.


2000AD was still a young title back in 1979 though Judge Dredd was already beginning to pick up a cult following. The comic had already merged with Starlord and was the lead title despite on that occasion being the lesser selling title.


The merger brought a strong lineup to 2000AD: Judge Dredd, Black Hawk, The Mind of Wolfie Smith and Disaster 1990. The other strip, ABC Warriors has it's fans but I'm not one of them. Oh and there was also Captain Kelp, a one page humour strip.

This was the last merger that 2000AD had despite other comics frantically swallowing each other up until this comic was the sole survivor.

2000AD and Tornado ran from prog 129 to 177.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Red Sonja: The Road to Oblivion (One Shot)

Red Sonja: The Long Road to Oblivion #1 (Dynamite Entertainment)

Erik Burnham (w) Tom Mandrake (a)

The new Red Sonja series is set in the modern world which gives her story a twist. I doubt if she'll stay here forever but for the time being it's great fun. So what exactly led to our flame haired heroine being trapped in the twenty-first century. And what other mysteries await Sonja?

This extra length one-shot from Dynamite tells the tale. Here's a preview.

And if you ask me that fella in the bar was lucky she only cut off his nose....

Monday, 15 May 2017

Judge Dredd Annual 1982

One of Britain's most enduring comic book characters is Judge Dredd a hard-line cop borderline fascist who lays down the law in Mega-City One. Adventure which mixes violence, satire and science fiction in the far future.

You really wouldn't want to live there.

However Dredd and the comic he appears in has caught the imagination of thousands of fans both in the UK and abroad for the past 40 years. 2000AD is the last British weekly adventure comic.

And of course in the past there were the Annuals of which this was the second (of 11) which features stories of Dredd and his supporting cast which then included Walter the Robot and Max Normal.

There's even a reprint of Dredd's first story from 2000AD #2!


Sunday, 14 May 2017

Valiant Summer Special 1976


Valiant was one of my favourite comics when I was growing up and always looked forward to the Summer Specials and always grab a copy when I can.

This edition comes from Valiants last days (it merged with Battle in 1976) and contains a mixture of new material and reprints.


Old favourites like Captain Hurricane, Billy Bunter, Adam Eterno and Mowser are all here along with newer features like Paco (about a dog) and One-Eyed Jack a sort of twentieth Century Judge Dredd in New York.

Sadly no Steel Claw....

These specials continued despite the demise of the comic as did the annuals.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Scream #4 (Skywald/1974)

Not to be confused with the British comic of the same name, Scream was a short-lived black & white comic magazine from Skywald in the early seventies. A companion to the publishers other mags Psycho & Nightmare this was of course a horror anthology.

I find these either difficult to track down or a bit pricey but occasionally a bargain can be found. And it's usually worth the entry!

This issue contains six stories kicking off with the ongoing story of Lady Satan in Satan Wants a Child in which a woman finds herself possessed and pregnant. Daddy turns out to be the Lord of Flies. Who knew?

The Oblong Box by Edgar Allan Poe follows and is as one might expect somewhat disturbing. Less interesting is The Skull of the Ghoul which despite it's title is a rather formulaic vampire tale.

However the issue picks up with the cover story The Legend of the Cannibal Werewolf. Interesting twist. Nuff said?

The three final tales include the disturbing tale The Lunatic Mummy, The Vampire Kingdom plus another gross ending with When The Dusk Falls So Does Death.

Go on grab a copy if you find one. The horrors are just fiction aren't they......


Thursday, 4 May 2017

(Yet Another) Youngblood #1 (Image)

Youngblood #1

Youngblood #1 (Image)

Chad Bowers (w) Jim Towe (a)

Here we go again. Yet another Youngblood series from Rob Liefeld. I've lost count of the number of relaunches reboots, remakes and updated redrawn and rescripts. None of them have ever finished, mots didn't make it past one or two issues before they disappeared off the publishing schedule.

Like most fans I get annoyed then resigned to the fact, swear I'll never buy another Liefeld comic and as soon as one is solicited off I send my order half expecting it to never arrive. This month the third issue of the series has been solicited. There's even a redraft of the first issue of Brigade which may or may not get published , but it's on my pull list.

Love him. Hate him. Liefeld never seems to give up and neither do we. I don't know why.

As for the story? There is one. Will it finish? Doubt it. Will I get annoyed again. Probably. Will I order yet another #1. Oh yeah, and I'll kick myself every time.

Oh and there's a back up story in this issue by Liefeld himself.

Enjoy while it lasts.

Youngblood #1

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future (Hamlyn/1981)

Bookseller Image

Dan Dare is the eponymous British Hero. Dashing, brave and a heart of gold, Dare defends the Earth along with his sidekick Digby against crime, alien fungus and of course the Mekon, overthrown dictator of the Treen. First appearing in the Eagle in 1950, his adventures spanned twenty years  and several generations of children, some of whom never grew up and still read his adventures today.

This volume published by Hamlyn in 1981 was a great find and contains a range of short stories none of which I'd read before. Most of these adventures appeared in Eagle Annuals which outlived the comic itself and were published up until 1974 (cover-date 1975)


The stories in this volume are in no particular order but start with Operation Crusoe (1964), Fire in the Sky (1965), Operation Silence (1957), Space Race (1957), The Vanishing Scientists (1960?), Space Rocks (1966), Operation Moss (1958), The Men from S.T.E.A.L. (1967), The Unseen Enemy (1968), The Double Headed Eagle (1954), Operation Triceratops (1955) and The Solid Gold Asteroid (1962).

Worth grabbing a copy as it'll save money for Dare Fans who can't obtain every Annual!

Monday, 1 May 2017

Thrilling Adventure Stories #1 (Atlas/Seaboard 1974)

During the seventies there was a real boom in the black & white comic magazine market with long established publishers getting challenged not just by Marvel but also newcomer Atlas/Seaboard. Storming on to the racks with no less than 21 four colour titles Atlas also launched a number of more "adult-orientated" mags. Today we'd mark them for "mature readers".

Previously I have picked up both issues of Devillina and an edition of their horror mag Weird Tales of the Macabre but until now had not read this rather interesting anthology Thrilling Adventure Stories.
With five stories and a couple of film related features this did show promise as it covered a variety of genres.

Starting with Tigerman and the Flesh Peddlers readers are drawn into the seedy world of prostitution with a mainstream superhero that appeared in Atlas/Seaboards four colour line and this story would probably have not passed the Comic Codes Authority censors in that format.

Next up is Sting of Death, a one-off tale of a handful of survivors of a plain crash complete with betrayal, racism and heroism. Oh and did I mention cannibals?

Kromag the Killer is one of those improbable stories set in a time when men and dinosaurs lived side by side (which of course they didn't) but were popular at the time. This was set to be one of two on-going features.

The other on-going feature was a dramatisation of Lawrence of Arabia with art by Frank Thorne which was probably a result of the popularity of the film of the same name which I remember seeing.

Finally a war story in the form of Escape from Nine, a POW story which sees the Nazi snitch get his comeuppance.

The mag only lasted two issues and Atlas/Seaboard went out of business almost as quickly as it appeared. There remain some gems amongst their output depending on individual tastes.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Marvel Annual 1975

From 1974 comes this Marvel Annual (inside called the Mighty World of Marvel) with an all-Hulk content! Published in full colour this edition contains  three complete issues of the US edition of The Incredible Hulk #164 to #166 plus a story from Tales to Astonish #93, featuring a slightly different Hulk rather than the simple beast he was portrayed as at the time.

The two part undersea adventure with Captain Omen sees the Hulk enslaved and trapped by a Captain Nemo like villain only to be released by his son. A tragic two-part story that sees Hulks new friends explode. Literally.


Somehow returning to the US Bruce Banner becomes the Hulk only just in time to fight alongside Hawkeye to fight ZZZAX an energy monster.

All three of these adventures appear later in the UK weekly Mighty World of Marvel but in glorious black & white!

Finally a short story to fill the pages from an earlier incarnation of old greenskin when he wasn't always nice and tries to get the Silver Surfer to take him offworld to start again on another plane. Oddly the Surfer thinks he can cure the Banner of of his affliction and although he changes his mind this is conveniently forgotten by other writers.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Jag Annual 1971

Launched on April 28th 1968, Jag proved to be a short-lived comic that lasted just 48 issues until the following year when it was merged with Tiger, one of IPC's stronger titles. Jag was unusual due to it's size which made it difficult to display, so much so that it eventually went through a revamp to become a normal sized comic.

As was usual Jag had a number of annuals, four in total which well outlasted the original comic itself. This edition cover-dated 1971 would have been released for Christmas 1970, a year after the demise of Jag as a solo title but still visible as part of Tiger and Jag.


This was not a comic that I purchased as a child, though one or two did end up in possession at the time. There was a lot of competition in the British comics market at the time so it was impossible to buy them all, especially as had already developed a love of the American four-colour superheros comics!

Nevertheless I was more than interested in picking up a copy of the annual which has a mixture of picture and prose stories plus features, though far too much football for my tastes but then the British schoolboy was supposed to be football mad. I wasn't, neither were more than a few of my friends though we were in the minority.

A feature on The Red Devils kicked off the book, followed by a familiar tale of McTavish and O'Toole which I'm sure appeared elsewhere....

Comedy (of sorts) featured in the somewhat politically incorrect Cap'n Codsmouth which just wouldn't make print today given the cannibalistic stereotypes of black people featured within! This was the seventies and IPC's publisher did have Sparky!

Other stories included Iron-Man Martin, The Indestructible Man, Custer (yeah That Custer) and Jag's most famous strip Football Family Robinson. My favourite in the Annual was The Mouse Patrol, the tale of children stealing a tank to look for their missing fathers in the desert war.

I have yet to obtain copies of the original comic though do have a handful of Tiger & Jags which becomes an "all-sport" title at one stage and therefore of not much interest to me.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

My Greatest Adventure #1 (Dynamite)

My Greatest Adventure #1 (Dynamite Entertainment)

Bill Willingham (w) Cezar Razek (a)

A "pulp fiction" spectacular takes place with the teaming up of Edgar Rice Burroughs' various creations. Tarzan & Jane, John Carter & Dejah Thoris, Carson of Venus Korak, son of Tarzan and man more some more familiar than others.

A spaceship crashes in the jungle helpfully just where Tarzan happens to be out and about with a few of the natives and the news arrives of an alien plot. The race is on to beat these villains to the Eye of Judgement, a gemstone that powers a weapon, one that may threaten all.

Tarzan gathers all his adventurers for what he simplys "the venture" and readers are given a two page splash of the team with explanations of who all these people are for those not familiar with all of Burrough's characters.

Here's a taste of what promises to be a very entertaining story!