Thursday, 11 October 2018

Superman #255 (DC/1972)

Superman #255 (DC)

Cary Bates (w) Curt Swan & Murphy Anderson (a)

Back-up feature: Gary Frederich (w) Dick Gordiano (a)

Superman is the hero that started off my interest in American comics around 1964/65 and I quickly got into Superboy, Jimmy Olsen and of course Action Comics. I thought Lois Lane was for the girls! Everything else evolved from here.

Of course my purchases even by the seventies (when I had developed other interests) were subject to limitations. What I like about DC was there seductive covers even if the story inside either didn't exactly match.

This cover where the Earth is doomed by the arrival of an orange sun is stunning. Even Superman can't save us can he?. Actually the threat is "real" as Superman see's the objects arrival. The "sun" entices Superman out of the solar system where he meets the inhabitants the Sun Thrivers.

And guess what these aliens created Krypton!  Hence the story's title The Sun of Superman. They were the planets sun. So many Krypton connections in those days. Anyway they need Superman help to get hold of a piece of giant Kryptonite which as we all know is fatal to our hero, so how?

From a distance it seems and to make things more difficult there's some giant tentacled space beastie holding on to the rock utilising the radiation for it's own purposes. Of course Superman wins! He usually did and helped the aliens create a new world leaving Superman to ponder on whether this planet will have a new civilisation in time.

Only trouble is one day the planet will blow and then the aliens are doomed once more......

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