Tuesday, 4 February 2020

The Mighty Thor #200 (Marvel/1972)

The Mighty Thor #200 (Marvel)

Stan Lee (w) John Buscema (a)

At long last the cover of the two hundredth issue of Thor promises us  Ragnarok, the end of everything and the fall of the Gods of Asgard. Their worlds will shatter.....except

At the end of the last issue Thor was lying unconscious at the feet of Pluto and about to feel the final blow before his death and departure to Valhalla except his fate is being watched by three old crones from afar. They realise that this is not what the fates have decreed and show us the real future that was foretold.

Odin having summoned both his sons including the vile Loki,  Prince of Mischief has Volla the Prophetess foretelling the future. One where the evil Loki will lead an army upon the gleaming city of Asgard and the first to fall will be faithful Heimdal guarding the Bi-frost bridge. With his last strengths he shatters the connections with Midgard meaning that all is lost. Ragnarok is finally here.

AS Loki leads his hordes against the Asgardians he clashes with Thor who faces off against the Midgard Serpent. But no weapon forged even by the gods can fell the beast. All falls and Surtur the God of Fire burns all that remains.

The aeons pass and new Gods arise. As it ever has been as it ever should be. Odin decrees it so.

In realising the death of Thor at the hands of Pluto will change the future the The three Norns, the harbingers of fate intervene and destroy Pluto's axe saving the day.

Thor will live to face his final fate no matter how far into the future this may be.


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