Monday, 15 June 2015

Marvel UK Flashback: Blockbuster

Blockbuster (Marvel UK)

Every so often I come across an unknown comic and Blockbuster was certainly one I'd never heard of as I went through the back issue bins in my local comic shop. The first two issues at a quid each. What's to lose?

Containing three strips, two of which I'd never read before (one by choice if I'm honest) this black & white monthly lasted just 9 issues from June 1980 until February 1981. Not surprising considering it contained two b-list stories Iron Fist and The Inhumans plus the rather odd and sometimes over looked Omega.


The first issue runs with what I assume is the first storyline from Iron Fist's own US title and  weaves the origin of our hero as he returns to the city in search of his parents murderers. Not bad but I was never (and am still not) a fan of martial arts stories.

It was the Inhumans tales that caught my attention and the two-parter in issues one & two was worth the entry fee in itself. Not sure what series this was perhaps a reader could enlighten me?

Blaastar returns to Earth to raise the Kaptroids to harvest and enslave the Inhumans on behalf of the Kree the militaristic alien race who genetically engineered these (In)humans way back in time...

As for Omega the Unknown.... this comic only publishes very short excerpts from the US edition which I'll cover as a separate review since i have the entire (short) run plus it's belated conclusion in the Defenders.

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