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Tiger & Hurricane (1966)

Tiger & Hurricane (Fleetway)

Whenever you saw the words "Great news inside pals" you knew this meant the comic you were reading was going to merge with another title and your "favourite strips" would continue in the new combined comic. Tiger & Hurricane was one of these.

The main comic Tiger was the stronger of the two comics and got the lead having been published since 1955 and was part of the same publishing group that included Lion and Valiant.

Hurricane however was a short-lived newcomer having lasted a mere 63 issues in 1964/65.

To be honest neither was a main stay of my comic reading though I did get a couple of Hurricane Annuals which continued to be published even after the comic itself had been long gone. Typhoon Tracy is probably one the best known features.

Tiger however lasted 1,555 issues until it was finally merged with the re-launched Eagle in 1985.


The advert below gives you an idea of the material that appeared in this comic of which I purchased a few issues from January 1966 simply because I had none and wanted to see what it was like. The most famous (and one I skipped over due to a lack of interest in football) was Roy of the Rovers who eventually got his own comic.

One strip that amused me mainly because I'm a bit of a political animal was Nelson Lord T.I.G.E.R Agent. This was the initials of The International Group for the Elimination of Revolution. Nuff said! Trotskyists beware!

More entertaining though was The Coming of the Skull starring Val Venture which showed an alien craft in the shape of a Trojan Horse appearing in Trafalgar square. what danger lurks inside?

You will find science fiction in the form Jet Ace Logan crime stories with Mick of the Manor..a police dog!

Worth picking up for the nostalgia!

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