Monday, 31 August 2015

Krazy (1976/78)

One of the more outrageous IPC comics was the short lived Krazy complete with manic covers and comic features that started a move away from the more traditional comic. Viz readers might recognise some of the format, but no smut lads this was a kids comic, "not for sale to adults" as was emblazoned on the cover.

They didn't mind if a grown-up paid for it though.

Neither would we, though maybe as a student at the time I was maybe a bit to old for such treats....

A sign of the times was the strip This is how Steve Ford became the 12p Buytonic boy. No prizes for guessing the inspiration for that one!

Laughter galore was to be found in Handy Andy, Pongo Strikes Again, Fit Fred & Sick Sid and a lad called Cheeky who went on to have a comic of his own.

There was also Kelly's Telly where characters came out his telly.. sure there was something similar in Wham! or Smash!, can't remember which!


One of the big selling points of this comic were it's covers, some of which like the two above are worth purchasing for these alone!

Like a lot of British comics this title eventually fell prey to falling sales and merged with stronger selling Whizzer and Chips in 1978.

That would not be the end of Crazy as both Summer Specials and Annuals continued to be published until 1985 outliving the parent comic by several years.


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