Saturday, 29 August 2015

Marvel Black & White: Doc Savage #7 (1977)

Doc Savage #7 (Marvel Comics)

Doug Monech (w) Val Mayerik & Tony Dezuniga (a)

Part of the Marvel Black & White magazine size comic boom in the seventies Doc Savage was one title that didn't catch my attention at the time, but having picked up this feature length story about Doc and his crew I have to say this is very much an over-looked title.

Most Marvel readers will probably be familiar with the also short lived colour series published in the usual format. These were reprinted by DC a few years back when they had the licence for the character.

Doc Savage is the ultimate human being, the "superman" from the pulp magazines era back in the thirties and forties.  The opening descriptor states:

Crime fighter, Detective,Technologist, Scientist, Inventor, Futurist, Surgeon, Gymnast, Superman, Avengers and extremely rare occasion a man of searing, explosive rage!

In the following saga , he is all of them.

And a splendid adventure this story is, The Mayan Mutations sees Doc and his companions Monk, Johnny, Major Thomas, Ace Engineer and Ham head to the jungles of Peru in their Zeppelin, with a beautiful anthropologist and Mayan woman to face giant insects, reptiles and tree dwelling savages.

Plus the usual world threatening villainy!

Sadly this mag only lasted 8 issues, but well worth collecting!


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