Friday, 16 October 2015

Tiger and Jag (1968/9)

One of the longer running British comics was Tiger, launched in 1954 and was the usual mix of adventure and sports stories. My memories of Tiger were in it's merged era with Hurricane and always thought it a good read though given pocket money limitations this wasn't a priority buy. As time moved on my occasional forays into Tiger were somewhat limited due to my lack of interest in sport.

In March 1969 a short lived comic called Jag was merged in to Tiger giving us the handle Tiger and Jag.

As far as I can recall I only ever purchased Jag the once, which was originally published in an over-sized format though this didn't last long, eventually shrinking to a normal sized comic.


Tiger and Jag was indeed a sports fixated comic as the copies I picked up showed, though there were a number of good adventure strips such as Saber King of the Jungle, Mactavish and O'Toole ( the inevitable World War Two story with a twist), Custer (yes the fellow with long yellow hair as an injun might put it!) and Triton Jones Undersea Adventurer.

Tiger and Jag also continued to run the tongue in cheek adventures of Typhoon Tracey who originally starred in the long lost Hurricane comic.

Cartoon drawing of seven smiling men in football kit

What most people will remember though are Johnny Cougar, Skid Solo and of Course Roy of the Rovers. Wrestling, motor racing and football.

Tiger went on to last well into the eighties absorbing Scorcher and Speed along the way, eventually merging with the Eagle in 1985.


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