Sunday, 29 November 2015

Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1 (DC Comics)

Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1 (DC Comics)

Frank Miller/Brian Azzerello (w) Andy Kubert (a)

With the imminent release of the new Batman/Superman movie (also starring Wonder Woman) based on the classic Dark Knight Returns comic it's hardly a surprise that DC have decided to cash in and publish not just a sequel but the third and (hopefully) final instalment.

There's been some controversy about how much Frank Miller the original writer has actually been involved in the making of this comic with some saying he's just added his name to the project. However it's going to be a big seller despite a hefty entry price at $5.99 an issue.

This mini-series was finally released this week and like most DC fans I purchased my copy with high anticipation.

However I am disappointed.

I just finished reading this comic and left not really knowing what was actually going on, except for the Atom mini-comic attached inside. The people of Kandor (the shrunken bottled city from Krypton) have approached Ray Palmer via Supergirl because they want to be big again.

As for the rest?

Wonder Woman kills mythical beast terrorising natives, Superman seems to be sealed in ice inside the Fortress of Solitude. And that isn't Bruce Wayne as Batman.

Too many spoilers? More of a warning really.

I wasn't a big fan of the sequel which didn't really add to the general story and I think that it unlikely I'll bother at all with the bulk of this series.

An expensive white elephant,


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  1. Thanks for the review/"warning". Trouble nowadays is that any new comic-book series is a big "investment" of money...fine for thosewith big pockets, but lets be honest I inagine most comic-book readers/collectors are in the "lower-mid range" in terms of income/funds. I personally make use of the fact thta some libraries have a fairly good/up-to-date stock of graphic novels...and free to lend! I'll await to see if Marvel can put-together a decent Fantastic Four comic-book series in 2016(?) before committing to any other series for the time being.