Friday, 6 November 2015

The Hangman #1 (Dark Circle)

THE HANGMAN #1 Cover by Felix Ruiz

The Hangman (Dark Circle Comics)

Frank Tieri (w) Felix Ruiz (w)

A loving husband and father. A devoted wife and adorable little girl. The dream. Except Gabby has left her bunny in the trunk.

Daddy has his victim tied up in there. Shut your eyes Gabby dear......

Strawberry Jam? What is that for?

Actually it's the most sinister use of strawberry jam that I've read like....ever. Daddy's a hit man for organised crime and he's earning his and his family's keep.

But someone is watching...

The latest offering from Archie's new Dark Circle line of comics is a real treat. The only fault I could find with it is that it ended. I want more, now! So hopefully they'll keep to the monthly schedule.

Archie have marked this as a "Teen+". Personally I'd rate it "Mature". You'll see why when you hear about "Daddy's" next job. Gave me nightmares it did!

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