Saturday, 26 March 2016

Dracula Lives ft The Legion of Monsters (Marvel UK 1975/76)

One of the better Marvel UK titles was Dracula Lives which featured reprints of Marvels Dracula series with fantastic art by Gene Colan which I have to say looks better in glorious "black and white" than it did in colour. From my point of view I've always thought horror stories lose something when coloured and this format was much more appropriate.

Since the Comic Code Authority had relaxed it's rules in the early seventies, it allowed Marvel (in particular) to develop a genre long neglected in mainstream comics. Hence the return of not just the Lord of the vampires but Frankenstein, The Living Mummy and Werewolf by Night.

Later issues of this comic also featured Man Thing, a swamp monster who had an aversion to fear and anyone who knows fear burns at his touch.


Originally launched as simply Dracula Lives, the title changed to reflect the nature of the back-up strips. Sadly this comic only lasted 87 issues before merging (with the somewhat mismatched) Planet of the Apes.


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