Saturday, 5 March 2016

The Topper Book 1971

One of the longer running DC Thompson titles was the over-sized Topper which ran from 1953 until 1994 when it merged with The Beezer, the latter being the better comic in my opinion but The Topper was fun to read and also had a long run of annuals or books as the publishers called them between 1953 and 1993 with the last one being issued cover dated 1994.

As a child of the sixties I'm more familiar with the books issued from 1964 to 1969 but not being able to find a copy in my local comic shop I picked up the 1971 edition and it does contain some familiar strips along with others I hadn't seen before.

The most famous of their characters Mickey, a chimpanzee whose adventures usually appeared on the front page and Beryl the Peril, a female equivalent of Dennis the Menace from DC Thomson's more famous comic The Beano.

Other features I remember that were still around at this time were Nancy, Send for Kelly (the private detective), Foxy and Figaro the Mexican bandit. Oh and not to forget...King Gus.

The cover of this Annual featured Tiny, The Worlds Biggest Dog. You can just imagine the fun to bed with that giant of a beast. Other stories included Splodge last of the Goblins, Dopey Jo and Jiffy and the Glyphs a rather odd tale of a boy and his living Egyptian hieroglyphs..not sure what the writer had been smoking when he came up with that one.

All in all great fun. Everyone should have at least one of these in their collection. As for me I'll continue to look out for the one's I had as a kid!


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