Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Marvel Super Special #9 (Marvel/1978)

Marvel started producing a full colour magazine for their special projects which ranged from film adaptations to new material including this version of The Savage Sword of Conan their highly successful black & white magazine.


The cover however is somewhat misleading stating that this co-stars Red Sonja which led me to believe Conan and Sonja teamed up which they don't. In fact they appear in two separate stories more's the pity, but both stories are well worth reading so not too disappointing.

Con appears in The Trail of the Bloodstained God in which he returns to Arenjum, the fabled City of Thieves  in search of a map to a priceless treasure that was stolen from him by a man named Zyras. It's not long before our Cimmerian gets involved in a fight when he finds a Kezankian tribesman being tortured. Conan thinks he could do with a friend from those parts as the tribe is not known for its friendliness towards outsiders.

Although he does not yet know it, the man he frees will play a part later in this tale.

Red Sonja returns to her homeland in the second, shorter story Day of the Red Judgement which see's her wander into a doomed world underground as she appears to fulfill a prophecy long feared by the people who dwell there. This dark, apocalyptic tale is penned by Roy Thomas with artwork by Howard Chaykin.

Marvel Super Special was published on irregular basis between 1977 and 1986 lasting 41 issues.


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