Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Misty (Trade Paperback/Rebellion)

The first volume of what will hopefully become a series collecting the various stories from Misty is out now. Rebellion has purchased the rights to this comic (and others) from 1970 onwards from Ergmont/Fleetway and will hopefully give us a full publishing programme of British comics from the seventies and eighties. Regretfully there are copyright problems with earlier material which is a pity for those like me who grew up in the sixties but there can be no complaint about this revival of the British comic.

Girls comics were something most lads from my generation wouldn't have been seen dead reading these "sissy" comics or even admitting to looking at them. Our loss I'd say having picked up a few copies of Misty in the not too distant past. It makes a refreshing change to see girls at the centre of stories and boy can their enemies be bitches.

Misty is in essence a horror comic for girls.

With that in mind the first of two complete stories in this volume is a tale very much in the vein of Carrie one of the classic horror movies of all time. Moonchild tells the tale of young Rosemary Black kept isolated by her mother in a house with no modern technology and has the bejesus knocked out of her to stop the "evil inside".

Rosemary has enemies at school to, so her lots not a happy one. And just what is her power? A witches curse? Or perhaps something like telekinesis......


The other story is more difficult to precis an introduction without giving the game away as it is based on a much older horror story. The Four Faces of Eve starts with a young girl waking up in hospital with no memories of her previous life, And why is she kept away from other patients, Why do her "parents" never kiss or hug her?

And why does a circus fortune teller say she is already dead?

A volume worth picking up for both older readers and young alike. My only criticism is a purely format related issue. The font is a bit small for my ageing eyes given the pages have been reduced to a smaller size. Time for another visit to the opticians maybe? Either way it didn't stop me enjoying this volume and I recommend it to you.

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