Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Justice League of America #37 & 38 (DC/1965)

Justice League of America #37 (DC)

Gardner Fox (w) n/k (a)

Hailing from the Silver Age of comics is this two part story in which the Justice League only play a cameo role in their own title! Earth without a Justice League is exactly what it says on the cover. And it's all Johnny Thunders fault!

After having a row with his Banhnisian Thunderbolt on Earth Two, the pair go to Earth One where they meet Johnny's counterpart. Problem is this version of him is a crook and after knocking out "our" Johnny the villain gets control of Thunderbolt.

Using Thunderbolt to commit crime "Johnny" is thwarted by the Flash and decides to make history different by getting his new found servant to "unmake" the Justice League ensuring they never become heroes. So Thunderbolt stops Krypton exploding so Superman never comes to Earth, saves Abin Sur so Hal Jordan never inherits the ring, prevents Barry Allen's accident and humiliates the Batman on his first outing.

In a world without heroes "Johnny's" crime spree is unstoppable except for one small matter.

The Justice Society arrive from Earth Two to try and save the day but they face an uphill struggle as "Johnny" turns his gang into the  Lawless League! From the Earth to the Moon a battle Royale takes place. Can the JSA win through?

It takes two issues to tell this tale and the ending whilst abrupt is fitting to a tale of magic and mayhem.

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