Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future (Hamlyn/1981)

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Dan Dare is the eponymous British Hero. Dashing, brave and a heart of gold, Dare defends the Earth along with his sidekick Digby against crime, alien fungus and of course the Mekon, overthrown dictator of the Treen. First appearing in the Eagle in 1950, his adventures spanned twenty years  and several generations of children, some of whom never grew up and still read his adventures today.

This volume published by Hamlyn in 1981 was a great find and contains a range of short stories none of which I'd read before. Most of these adventures appeared in Eagle Annuals which outlived the comic itself and were published up until 1974 (cover-date 1975)


The stories in this volume are in no particular order but start with Operation Crusoe (1964), Fire in the Sky (1965), Operation Silence (1957), Space Race (1957), The Vanishing Scientists (1960?), Space Rocks (1966), Operation Moss (1958), The Men from S.T.E.A.L. (1967), The Unseen Enemy (1968), The Double Headed Eagle (1954), Operation Triceratops (1955) and The Solid Gold Asteroid (1962).

Worth grabbing a copy as it'll save money for Dare Fans who can't obtain every Annual!

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