Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Savage Sword of Conan #225

I can't remember the last time I went to a comic shop other than 30th Century Comics in Putney but couldn't resist popping into Orbital Comics when I passed by whilst in Central London. I thought I'd have a look. Be rude not to I thought.

Glad I did as it turns out because I was able to pick up some backs issues of Savage Sword of Conan that I hadn't seen until now. These were editions close to the end of of this long lived titles run which I had been looking out for.

For some reason this issue was described as a "special anniversary edition", not entirely sure why, maybe it just had the number 25 in it probably. This was the nineties and comic publishing went somewhat awry during this period driving many long standing readers (including myself) away from the hobby.

The stories contained within were quite good, though nothing particularly special. Swords of Sukmet was a prequel to Red Nails featuring Valeria and a load of seemingly invulnerable cannibals. plus as a bonus Valeria of the Red Brotherhood which tells the origin tale of our heroine.

Worth picking up, but slightly spoilt by the nineties style pinup pages in between the stories. The early Image influence has a lot to answer for......

I noticed there was somewhat of a glut of Conan books, no less than four being published at the time. Bit of an overkill which perhaps weakened the franchise just that little bit to much and led to the demise of what was the longest running black & white comic magazine ever published. Pity. I love the format.


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