Sunday, 11 June 2017

2000AD #200 (1981)

The recent publication of 2000 AD's 2000th issue and the subsequent fortieth anniversary edition has renewed my interest in this comic which was previously restricted to Judge Dredd reprints. I picked up a copy of 2000AD #200 and a few issues around that number to get a flavour of what the comic was like way back then.

Of particular interest was what turned out to be the origin story of Johnny Alpha, the Strontium Dog. Told over several issues with a gap ( I haven't reached the conclusion yet) this is useful for those of us not familiar with Strontium Dogs world. The target of Johnny Alphas bounty hunting turns out to be none other than Nelson B Kreelman, former fascist dictator of the UK and Johnny's father!

Next up was The Mean Arena, one of those semi-sporting violent game strips so popular at the time but not my cup of tea so I've been skipping this whenever it appeared.

Return to Armageddon proved to be a quite brutal strip. An immortal man who could not die being tormented in a freak circus by punters trying to kill him. This was for kids? Good story as it went on though this was part 16 or something like that. Worth  persevering with over subsequent issues.

Then theres' Judge Dredd vs Pirates. Well what else could you ask for? Meanwhile Tharg has a party and part 23 of The Meltdown Man concludes the weekly edition. Think Kamandi and you'll get the drift. Thumbs up on this one.

There's more of the same in the zarjaz 4th Birthday issue! Includes the first part of The Day They Banned 2000AD. Fear not Earthings the villains of this plot did not get their way!

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  1. I think "we" were really lucky to have a publication such 2000AD originate here in UK...ground-breaking and quite "raw" output at times. Fond memories of getting the annuals for Christmas,