Saturday, 10 June 2017

RIP: Adam West 1928 to 2017

Photo: by Alan Light

Adam West the actor who played the Batman in the camp TV series in the sixties has passed away aged 88 after a battle with cancer his family announced today. The Batman TV show which ran for 120 episodes over 3 seasons has been continuously repeated around the world to this day making Adam a household name, recognisable to both young and old.

The Batman show attracted all the great talent of the day from Vincent Price and Eartha Kitt to George Sanders and Milton Berle.

Mr West will be remembered as a good sport who never took himself too seriously and was able to appear in modern TV shows such as the Big Bang Theory and Family Guy.

He will be missed by not just his family but his legions of fans around the world

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  1. Another legendary television figure from childhood gone...but not forgotten. RIP Adam West