Wednesday, 23 August 2017

2000AD prog 2045

The latest issue of 2000AD hit the newsagents today and what a surprise the lead story turned out to be! Older readers, even lapsed ones will remember the 25 part Apocalypse War which ran in progs 245 to 270 (sans one issue when they got behind).

East Meg City One attacked Mega City first by trying to poison the inhabitants and then in an all out nuclear strike and invasion killing 400 million people and destroying about two-thirds of the city.

A war the Judges nearly lost except for the actions of Judge Dredd and his hand picked team to sneak through East Meg City's defences and use the Sovs own weapons to destroy their enemy.


Ever what happened to the team other than Dredd and Judge Anderson? Now the tale can be told and it it ain't a pleasant one. Judge Costa is now insane. Full of self hate and self harm. The guilt of destroying all those babies lives has destroyed the man. Only one of his old friends visits him and the doctors looking after Costa want to carry out euthanasia.

Enter the old team. Will they let this happen even though Dredd has agreed to the doctor's actions? Where will this all end. War Buds is an epic in the making one hopes.


Also starting this issue is a three part Tharg 3riller Mechastophles set after the fall......

Other regular features continue as the enemy is made known in The Alienist, The Grey Suits catch up with another episode and the magician wakes from his slumber to find he's been robbed. That damned woman buggered off with something important.  Hope has another chapter.

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