Saturday, 26 August 2017

Psycho #13 (Skywald/1973)

The latest addition to my small but growing collection of Skywald's horror output is Psycho #13 which I picked up purely because of the number....Thirteen! Unlucky for some perhaps but not for a reader wanting some bizarre horror tales to read when the mood takes!

A woman looking to continue her immortality gets her comeuppance when she tries to make victims of three men in the Himalayan Mountains. Her fellow passengers are also not what they seem in The Day Satan Died.

Next up is Monster, Monster in the Grave a pretty average Werewolf story to be honest but Lets All Drink to the Death of a Clown which follows is both weird and scary. Clowns are funny aren't they?

The regular adventures of The Heap turn up next but this one asks readers if they want any more and there's a coupon to return to the publishers. No idea of the outcome. As I collect later issues guess I'll find out.

Cannibalism is the theme of the twisted two page tale that comes next and then some science-fiction. The Horror Within and Without is a tale of humanity and war gone mad. Did I mention the computer?

This issue finishes off with three tales The Raven, a two page shocker and there be flies in The Taste of Carrion. Finally two pages bring The Mummy back to life.

Overall a mixed bag but a solid read.

Keep that light on kids....


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