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Indiana Jones #1 (Marvel UK/1984)

Indiana Jones #1 (Marvel UK)

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One of the most popular film franchises back in the eighties was Indiana Jones which featured Harrison Ford as Indy, the male version of Lara Croft but set in the thirties. Much later in 2008 a fourth film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull appeared set in the fifties. 

A fifth film is apparently set for release in 2021!

A franchise readily grabbed by Marvel Comics (later passing to Dark Horse) and they launched not just adaptations of all three movies as the came out but The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones set after the events of the first film.

In October 1984 Marvel Uk launched it's version. A monthly simply called Indiana Jones with a slightly modified cover of the US edition plus "free gift" of an "Indy " Sticker.

  Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

The UK edition contained two continuing stories published mostly in black & white but with several pages in colour. The first story was part one of an adaptation of Indiana  Jones and the Temple of Doom. 

Excellent as it was the identities of the writer and artist were not mentioned in stark contrast to the second story (taken from the first US edition) which was written and drawn by John Byrne. Frankly his style is instantly recognisable to any fanboy of the period.

Published monthly the British edition lasted a mere 11 issues before it was announced that all further adventures would continue in The Spider-Man Comic #646 which may not have appealed to Indy readers since by then the UK Spider-Man comic was aimed at younger readers.

Probably easier to collect the US editions, the stories are worth reading for the "pulp fiction" genre that Indiana Jones belong in. But don't turn you nose up at the UK editions if they crop up!


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