Thursday, 30 August 2018

R.I.P. Marie Severin

I was saddened to hear that Marie Severin had passed away today. The photo has been borrowed from a relatives Facebook post and is published with the intention of commemorating her life as a comic book artist and colourist.

Marie worked for EC comics in the fifties where it was once claimed she coloured dark blue any panels she didn't like. She refuted this saying:

I would never assume an editorial position. What I would do very often is, if somebody was being dismembered, I would rather color it in yellow because it's garish, and also [so] you could see what was going on. Or red, for the blood element, but not to subdue the artwork. ... I mean, the main reason these people were buying these books was to see somebody'd head cut off, y'know? ... And [the editors] trusted me with a lot a stuff. They knew that I wouldn't subdue artwork; I would just kind of shield it a little bit so if a parent picked up the book in the drug store, they wouldn't see that somebody's stomach was all red.

For most fans however it was her work with Marvel Comics that will best remembered and in order to celebrate her contribution to the success of the comics industry

My thoughts are with her friends and family

Here is some of her work. (Hat/Tip to William Mull of ACP Comics).



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