Monday, 12 November 2018

Beano Summer Special 1968

The Beano Summer Special 1968 (DC Thompson)

Various (w) & (a)

When I saw my local comic shop had this in I just had to buy it. This is one of those comics I knew I had as a child and although by then was more interested in Power Comics like Wham & Smash they never published Summer Specials, though Fantastic had one.

These are for me the "classic years" of The Beano which I had read on/off since before I can actually remember. These specials differed from IPC/Fleetway in that they were over-size and had a lot of colour. Other specials that came my way were Victor and the Dandy. Don't recall ever seeing a Hotspur one.

Still with Dennis the Menace, Lord Snooty, Little Plum, The Three Bears, Mini the Minx and the Bash Street Kids these were the fun characters my generation grew up with. Great to see and read once again, it's actually been a long time. I did pick up a Dandy Summer Special but even with the great Desperate Dan the Dandy always came second to the Beano in my eyes.

The Beano is still going though not quite the comic I remember. The Dandy went a few years ago but they still publish Summer Specials I believe, certainly annuals. If you see one of these golden oldies pick one up.

And remember Dad had a slipper in those days, though some us got a "thick ear". Well we all misbehaved sometimes didn't we?


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