Monday, 29 October 2018

Film Fun #1,661 (Amalgamated Press/1951)

Film Fun # 1661 (Amalgamated Press)

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A friend picked this up at a car boot sale for just 50p and sent it to me as he thought I'd be interested. Certainly was. Unfortunately there was no image of the actual issue to be found and the one above was the nearest I could locate.

This comic represents a long lost period and probably only Laurel & Hardy would be familiar to today's kids. Maybe a few may have heard of George Formby. I only just remember Abbott and Costello whose antics haven't stood the test of time as well as Stan & Laurel.

There are some strips that I am not at all familiar with myself. Joe.E. Brown and Old Mother Riley I barely know by name.

Given the Eagle had been launched a year earlier one can see why that comic was seen as "revolutionary. This edition of Film Fun was old fashioned, though it did change a bit in later years. It was a long running comic that actually started in 1920 and ran until 1962 when it merged with the up and coming Buster!

And just for fun.....

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