Saturday, 23 August 2014

Into the Multiverse

The Multiversity (DC Comics)

Grant Morrison (w) Ivan Reis (a)

Well that was weird.

Those were the first words to cross my mind as I finished the long anticipated first issue of Grant Morrison's new Multiversity series.

The last of the race of super beings known as the Monitors is trying to gather a team from the 52 universes to save creation itself from .... The Gentry.

Marvel at an inter dimensional ship constructed from frozen music.

Journey into the depths of the DC comics multiverse with different versions of  well known and established characters including a rather amusing take on rival Marvel Comics Avengers on Earth 8 which will introduce you to "cartoon physics" courtesy of Captain Carrot.

Don't ask, just go with the flow.

Morrison's imagination and writing let loose to the full.

Can't recommend enough. 

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