Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Marvel Preview: Thor the Mighty (Marvel Magazine/1977)

Thor was one of Marvel's headline superheroes whose adventures could easily be turned to a more mature audience with just a small effort given the violent nature of the Asgardian world. This story sees Thor and his mischievous half brother Loki sent on a quest to retrieve a dangerous gem for Odin, the all-father and King of the Gods.

But not all is at it seems.....

Loki is his usual duplicitous self, after all he is the God of Mischief. However the pair get sidetracked by the sorceress Shamballa who tries to seduce Thor whilst selling Loki to the gnomes for slave labour. Thor saves his brother and the pair continue their journey to the Cavern of the Screaming Skull.

Here the fight is with Titans of Greek Myth and then a monster inside, the final Guardian. Needless to say Thor completes the quest only to be betrayed by his scheming half-brother, though not for long.
The gem is destroyed and our heroes have to return empty handed.

However Odin has been watching and is not displeased even though he knows Thor is covering for the treacherous Loki. Odin has decided who will succeed him to the throne.

The back-up feature tells a tale of Hercules in ancient Greece with Jason of "Golden Fleece" fame. Both sent on yet another quest by the wicked King of Pylos.

Marvel had intended to give Thor his own black & white magazine and even advertised subscriptions though cutbacks meant the title never appeared. Thor did get one further outing in Bizarre Adventures a few years later.

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